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Mitsubishi Ductless Systems

Also, known as a ductless heat pump, ductless systems use a small, quiet outdoor unit, one to eight separate indoor units mounted on walls or recessed in ceilings, and a remote control.

Ductless systems are becoming increasingly popular.  Here’s why:

  • The most efficient way to heat or cool, saving you money!  Uses as little as one third the energy of conventional equipment.
  • Can be added to your existing system – Perfect for hard to heat or cool areas of your home or business like bonus rooms, family rooms, converted attics, & additions.
  • Heat or cool only the rooms you’re using, saving more energy and money!
  • Comfortable & quiet – You can have a different even and comfortable temperature in each room (no more hot or cool spots!)
  • Environmentally friendly – uses “green” refrigerant that cannot harm ozone.



Easy to install – No ducts are needed, so installation is quicker and cleaner.

The Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim line of ductless systems for both residential and small scale commercial applications and Mitsubishi’s CITY MULTI line for larger scale commercial uses.

Mitsubishi is the premier name in ductless systems with advanced features, cutting edge-technology, and a reputation for the highest quality.  For example, models with Mitsubishi’s H2i®   can heat effectively even when outside temperatures are down to -13°!

Commercial Units

Commercial Uses

Mitsubishi’s award-winning CITY MULTI line is perfect for larger commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, etc. – featuring a flexible, modular approach, great energy savings, efficient & quiet operation, and ease of installation.

Zoning offers maximum individual comfort and energy savings because only the zones that need heating or air conditioning receive it.  Each zone has its own indoor unit or group of indoor units that precisely control the indoor temperature while operating at the most optimum energy usage.

Mitsubishi’s CITY MULTI VRFZ (Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning) System takes advantage of inverter technology by varying the speed of the compressor in the outdoor unit to meet the changing load requirements in each of the indoor zones.  This system recycles the energy in other zones to provide comfort only to the zones calling for heating or air conditioning.

CITY MULTI’s R2 line is the only two-pipe system that is actually capable of heating and cooling different zones at the same time!

CITY MULTI is designed to provide the quietest possible operation for both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor units are barely audible, as low as 24 dB(A).  Outdoor units operate as low as 56 dB(A), about the same as normal conversation. That’s a major benefit, especially for hospitals, other healthcare facilities, schools, and libraries.  CITY MULTI dependably provides comfortable cooling and heating all year long.

The complete system can be controlled by Mitsubishi’s CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN), which ties all systems together and can be interfaced to an existing Building Management System (BMS)

LG Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners


LG residential HVAC provides energy-efficient comfort all across the nation to people at home. As an industry leader, LG residential and light commercial systems are comprised of cutting-edge technologies which contribute to their efficiency, quality and performance. From the impressive heating capabilities of LGRED° Technology to the truly connected home HVAC experience of LG ThinQ™, explore the innovative features that make LG residential and light commercial systems easier to sell, install and service.


With both ducted and duct-free options available in single and multi-zone configurations, LG residential and light commercial solutions are perfect for a number of applications. Whether it is simply supplemental to an existing system or a complete multi-zone infrastructure in either a retrofit or new construction, LG’s design flexibility and performance allow contractors to install the solution that best suits the specific application’s needs.

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